About Victoria

My name is Victoria Roberts, and I am a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, and Nutrition Coach. I’ve been helping people get in shape, reach their fitness goals, and adopt a healthy lifestyle for over 14 years. Client goals have ranged from strengthening, conditioning, mobility, behavior change, posture, pain rehab and significant weight loss. I have also given athletes insight into how to optimize their performance and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

However, my biggest passion is guiding people to make a positive change in their life. Health and fitness goals encompass so much more than “Looking good”. It’s about feeling good in your skin, moving without pain, improving your confidence, improving your relationship with your body, and creating the lifestyle habits that let you live the life you want. As someone who has struggled with weight gain and body image issues in the past, I understand how this may affect the way you see life. So, I strive to help all people become their best through individual guidance, coaching and movement.

Let me help guide you to the best version of yourself. Together we collaborate in making your plan. Eat good food, lead a healthy lifestyle, and train your body to do the things you want it to do. The solution to your problems does not lie in strict regimes – it’s a personalized journey you should embark on. And I am here to help you with it.

Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Victorious

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What others Say

"After cancer took my mobility, Victoria's focus and passion gave me my life and mobility back after months of failed physical therapy. I now can do things again, I once thought would be impossible."
Injury Rehabilition
"Vicki is my lifeline to good health! She has been my personal trainer and Pilates instructor since 2011. Her kindness, energy and knowledge support both mental and physical health!"
“Victoria is a talented Pilates Instructor and personal trainer. I have been doing Pilates with her for over three years and have loved the results! She has a calm spirit that motivates you as well as looking at your whole body and how it works to get you to your goals."
"I was out of shape when I decided to try Pilates and personal training. I was hooked after one session and have been seeing Vicki since 2019. Pilates has been an amazing fit for me and Vicki makes it fun while tailoring it to my needs. I highly recommend!"
Personal Training